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I haven't found my subject property, can I still apply?
Please feel free to go through the application leaving the subject property fields blank. However, you will not be able to lock-in an interest rate until a property has been selected.
Does applying automatically lock in an interest rate?
No. You should contact your Mortgage Loan Originator to lock-in your rate once a property has been identified.


I'm hesitant about divulging my personal information during the online application process. Is this site secure?
Our site uses secure internet protocols when transferring sensitive information. For a more complete explanation of our security policies, please see our Privacy Pledge. You may also contact a local Regions Mortgage Loan Originator directly to apply via phone or set-up an appointment to complete a loan application in person.
Is there any financial obligation to completing the application?

There are no fees associated with completing the Application information. Fees associated with originating a loan will not be collected until the application process is complete and you have received your initial RESPA documents.

How long will it take to close this loan?

Generally we can close your loan comfortably within your interest rate lock period. However, if there are delays in submitting the required documentation, or there is a problem with your title work or appraisal, your lock period may not be sufficient.

Can I choose my own appraiser?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to pick your own appraiser as this could present a potential conflict of interest situation. Regions requires that appraisals be performed by pre-approved appraisers who are selected at random based on property location via a third party vendor.

What type documentation is typically requested with my loan application?

Following are some of the documents you will be requested to provide to your Mortgage Loan Originator at the time of application:

  • A two-year history of residence
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of landlords for the past two years
  • Employer’s name and address for the last two years
  • Salaried Applicants:  Most recent two years’ W-2 forms and two most recent paystubs.
  • Commissioned Applicants:  Most recent two years’ 1040 tax forms (including supporting schedules) and YTD income statement.
  • Self-Employed Applicants:  Most recent two years’ signed personal/corporate tax returns (with supporting schedules) and current Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Two most recent bank statements (checking, savings, etc.)


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